I wish I could stay.

It’s been the best, right?

We have shared some really good times…

You and I.

Or is it me. You and me?


I have no idea, and you would think by now… I would. After almost two years of writing this blog, you would think I would just have the fucking grammar down pat. But I don’t. And I don’t even think it truly matters. Because you still read it. But I do get a text every now and then from a dear friend in Florida who calls me out; he saves my sweet-ass from embarrassment. He texts me when I spell something like “your” instead of “you’re” or “whether” instead of “weather”. Ya know, dumb shit like that. And I love him dearly, for catching my stupid mistakes. Sigh. Thank you, Seth.

But tomorrow, I have to go.

I’m sad, but I do. I have to say goodbye, a-gain. And I know I have teased all y’all over the months, threatening my departure. Saying that this BLOG MUST DIE. And I stop for a few weeks, or sometimes…I can last a month or two. But this time, I have to stop for a purpose. I have a job, peeps! And I have to write for real. Not that this isn’t for real, come on! This is real. It’s a G-d damn train wreck! But it’s for fun. It is for me. Now, I have to go and write a pilot. My pilot. And try and make my boys proud. And make my dreams come true. I’ve got to stop doing this, so I can concentrate on that. And make it count, and keep my eye on the prize. It’s not everyday that a nobody from Detroit, gets asked to write a pilot, ok? I have a real shot I have to take it! omg. I’m starting so sweat.

I wonder if one day…it will hit me?

Sometimes, I actually have to check myself. I do. I have to take a deep breath in, and check myself. And remember that even if this never comes to fruition, I am just a girl writing a blog about nothing. Who got a call, and now…well, I’m talking to LA agents. Jesus. I am so grateful. Life is so funny, isn’t it? I tell my writing partner, Russell, how silly I feel. And how this just can’t be happening to me. I’m a choreographer! And a mom. And he says, “Crazier shit has happened.” I guess he’s right. And that’s coming from a writer who is a professional. He is seasoned, and polished. And talented. And I am so lucky to have him. Russell, you complete me…and you’re a gem for stooping to my level. I thank you, my friend.

So, while parting is such sweet sorrow…it will be good. I will miss this. Sitting here, talking to my screen. I can’t believe it,  but I’m crying. I wish all y’all even knew the emotional toll this blog has taken on my life, my mind…my heart. And I am realizing now how much I  have been affected by it. Effected, or affected? Oh fuck. Here we go again. Pull the plug, Jen. Just pull the flipping  plug!

I will keep you all posted on my Facebook page, and you can read all about my adventure on www.MomsCharlotte.com at the Charlotte Observer. I’ll be writing for them bi-weekly to keep everyone up to speed. Wowza, am I really doing this? Yes, I am. I am actually closing the blog-door once again. And this time, The Truth Hurvitz will not be reopening until I have a final draft into my agent in Hollywood. Now that sounds bat shit crazy! My agent? And my people.  I have the best “people”. Totally rooting for me, and my work. Nice, huh? Love me some good people.

Well, wish me luck. I’ll be writing like it’s my job every single day. Balls to the wall, so don’t be bugging me. Unless you want to buy me a coffee,  or correct my grammar. Then, be my guest. I’ll be at the Starbucks on Quail. Or maybe The Mayo Bird…or the new Amelie’s, yes! A girl needs a change…fingers typing, earbuds playing, and knees-a-tappin’. I will miss y’all…more than you know. And thank you for reading, and loving (or not loving) The Truth Hurvitz. ;)

xo j

  • Danielle

    May we all by on your level, my dear!

    Love you and so proud!