Hey guys!

Have y’all heard of The Café D?

Well, it’s only the coolest spot on the web. I mean isn’t getting divorced hard enough? Now you don’t have to do it alone. My girl, Vicky Townsend and her amazing website is here to help! If you are feeling confused, or vulnerable…The Café D is just the spot for you. Designed to feel like your friendly corner coffee shop, where you can find a friend, or do your research. Or get support from industry experts. Just know you are not alone. And guess what? I am going to get the chance to hang to there next week! How cool is that? I am so honored to be invited in. So, please…grab a a comfy spot at home, and a cup of your fave joe…and join us! It’s really as simple as clicking on the link below, and registering!

Oh, and save the date!

And what a perfect one it is for a little laugh, huh? April 1st, at 9:30 on the dot. It’s a Wednesday, and we are going to be yapping it up about all things divorce, and life. And living HAPPILY, EVER AFTER…DIVORCE, that is. Ha.


So, hope to see you all there. Well, I won’t see you. But you will most definitely see me, and Vicky Townsend. I am so excited. Jeez. Better get my roots done. How embarrassing to show up with my hair all nasty.

xo j