So here’s the plan…

I know you have questions, right?

About tomorrow night?

The deets.

Like what’s going on?

Ya, well here it is. The scoop on the big Blog Event we are having at Event Bliss in Franklin, Michigan. My blog event. Ha. How silly is this? A meet and greet of sorts. A little get-together to shoot the shit, and talk about ME! Awwww, shucks. I’m blushing. And I owe it all to you. My peeps, my readers…my fans. Who woulda thunk it? Who would have ever thought that spewing a bunch of my crap on a screen would ever lead to this. This. Me. Up on a little stage, in a cool little space…talking about my life. Wowza.

So, here I am. And the last time I did this…I figured there would be like three people. Me, my mom…and my little sister. Oh, no. Four people. My good friend, Jodi, too. I thought there would be four. Oh, no hold on. Fuck, six. Six including Susie and Terri, the amazing owners of Event Bliss. Ya, so a total of six women as my audience. Sitting there, looking up at me. Staring. Listening to me tell my life story. About the blog. The Truth Hurvitz. Ugh. I was so sure. So sure that no one would show up that I didn’t prepare shit. I didn’t plan, or prepare. I didn’t think about, or write anything. I made no notes. I had no script. Didn’t even scribble on my hand. I just figured there would be six women, that loved me. So who really cared if I was prepared?

Well, shit.

It was Saturday morning, and they started arriving…

Oh, the six ladies were already there. Seated in the front row. But there were more. Yup. They started coming in the door. I started to freak. I put on lipgloss. And curled my eyelashes. Then I grabbed my sister. “Julie. Oh my god, what the fuck am I going to talk about?” And she said, “Jen, you didn’t prepare anything?” And I said, “I didn’t think anyone was actually going to show up!” And the women found their seats. And I slammed my mimosa. And smiled. Oh, and I brushed my hair. And I took a deep breath, and the owners of Event Bliss began to introduce me…

It was at that moment, I realized the 30 plus women sitting in front of me…were there for me. They were there to listen to me. To support me, and the blog. I actually had to hold back the tears. I had this overwhelming feeling of gratitude. And I started to speak. The words just came out of me…from my heart. Kind of like they are right now. Just like the blog, free-flowing. I was able to speak the truth to these women, and have a wonderfully honest conversation. I spoke about my marriage, and my divorce. Love and intimacy. My children…and finally being Happily Divorced. And why I started blogging. I answered questions as truthfully as I could. We laughed, and got real. Everyone chimed in. Totally interactive, and off the cuff. It was awesome.

And I am so excited to do it all again.

Tomorrow night, at seven o’clock…at the same spot, I get to do it all again! Another shot. Sweet. But this time, I’m inviting the guys. I loved having just the girls on Mother’s Day, but we got so many requests for the MEN! And you know, when my readers talk…I listen! And I deliver. Ha.

So, the audience will be a little different, maybe a little louder? More testosterone, less estrogen. Beer instead of Mimosas. And I’m hoping the subject matter is a little more amped up. I love a good male-driven relationship discussion! Bring it on, Boys! I am totally ready for all y’all. I’m strapping on my balls, and kicking off my heels…

But, just remember this…I am the “Hurvitz” in The Truth Hurvitz. And I am still running this little circus. ;)

xo j


See you all tomorrow night, anyone is invited! Guys and Gals. Single, Married. Divorced…whatever! Event Bliss in Franklin, Michigan.



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