img_0954Scissors, check.

Tape, check.

Paper, check.

Bows, and ribbons, check…

My sanity?

Ummm, lost that today at Target in aisle 2o-something…when deciding which Christmas PEZ dispensers to buy. Shoot me now, people. I am not a sane women. Just put my ass out to fucking pasture, and lay this shit down. Today at Target I was so completely overwhelmed in the Christmas area, I left. But my cashier gave me a chocolate Christmas Tree! That was really nice. I must have looked like a hot mess. Otherwise why the tree? Thanks, Target checkout-person, you made my guest experience extra-special. Yeesh. Why are the holidays so dang stressful? What’s with all the hustle, bustle…and crazy? I think we all just want to make them perfect for our families, am I right?

Well, whether you celebrate Christmas, or Hanukkah….