Oldie but goodie? Just needed a rainbow tonight!





I tried, ok.

I did.

I was so quiet.

I didn’t tell a soul.

I can keep a secret, ok!

I never opened my mouth. Not once, I swear. My first week of classes, over. And I didn’t tell one of my new friends about the blog. NOT ONE! We talked about our kids, and our jobs. Ok, they talked about their jobs, I don’t have one. We chatted about where we wanted to do our externships, and what we did over the weekend. And we talked about our lives, and not once did I mention the fucking blog. Phew! I have to admit, I felt kinda weird not sharing such a huge part of my world with them. Like if they found out…and I didn’t tell them, they would think I was hiding something? Or I didn’t say anything. I just went about my days, talking about nothing. Well, talking about everything…except the blog.

But then, it happened.

Just like that, out of nowhere…

One of the girls turned to me and said, “You must make a lot of money writing a blog, huh?” Omg. I totally froze. I looked at her puzzled, and completely surprised. And I answered, “Only if you have a whole lotta readers!” And we laughed. Then, my other two friends overheard us yapping, and chimed in, asking all kinds of questions about what I write…and how it all started. And I begged them to promise to keep it on the down-low. The last thing I needed was to get kicked out of school for blogging about butt sex, and manscaping. Then I told them they were all going to be in it. Hahaha. You should have seen their faces, I wish I had a camera. They gave me permission to write about them, just no names. They swore it would stay between the four of us, our little “gang”. Which is too funny, cause when we played Jeopardy for our test review, our team name was “The Gangsters” or maybe it was the “Gangstas” not really sure, but I had to show my “gang sign”.  I threw it out there. Totally representing. I think if I wasn’t so fucking old, I might have been cool. My boys would be so proud. I am loving our little foursome, and I don’t think I could do this next 6 months without these girls…

So, it is what it is. And this Medical Assistant thing is what’s going on in my world right now. And we all know, I write about what’s going on in my world. I could blog about closing on my house next Tuesday…finally. Boring. Or the guy I didn’t go out with last weekend because he has cats. Annoying. Or..the new man that I “matched” with on Tinder that wrote me a small diatribe using every synonym for “meet” he could conjure up. Weird. Wait, I have to just tell you a few of the words he chose. It’s too funny. He said, and I quote, “When is a good time to talk, converse, enchant, debate, delight, discover, woo, flirt, interview, entice, amaze, question, tempt, charm, kid, share, seduce…” Yup. That was the message I got. I asked him if it was a “form message”. Like did he cut and paste it for every woman he matched with? And he went on, and on. I was just rolling my eyes, and thinking to myself, “Self, this is your own fault. Get off of Tinder, fool.” And btw, I don’t really think “woo” is a synonym for “meet”. Let me try it in a sentence…So nice to woo you. Or, I can’t wait to woo your Mother. Nope. Sorry, Mr. Rico Suave, “Woo” is not going to cut it. So, I guess I won’t be “wooing” you after all.

Well, I feel so much better now. My new friends know my little secret, and I no longer have to hide my head in shame. Actually, now I have to hide my head in shame; my new friends know my little secret…ha. I hope they still like me, and want to be around me. I’m not a bad person, just because I speak my mind! I hope they can see that. Sigh. Well, that’s one of the downsides of telling the truth about The Truth Hurvitz. Maybe they won’t remember my last name? ;)

xo j