Well here goes nothing. And here goes everything…
Everything, and nothing…all rolled up into one, simple, self-deprecating…self-healing, self-righteous, self-soothing…BLOG. A blog. What the fuck is a blog, anyhoo? Who named it, or made it up.. or decided it was going to be something? Rhetorical people. I don’t really care. I don’t. I just think it’s stupid. But for all intents and purposes, I guess it’s what I have to use these days, to say whatever it is I want to say, or bitch about. So, I will blog it up! I will do it. I am doing it, right now. Fingers don’t stop.. go, go goooo! But here are some rules, k?


  1.  I will only do this if you like it. Well, if you don’t hate it.
  2.  I will only do this if all y’all don’t talk too much nasty-ass shit behind my back. That’s kinda mean, and really, don’t you think I’ve been though enough? I’m doing this for your enjoyment, fuckers.
  3. I will only do this, if you promise not to get too raunchy and gross. This is NOT a pornsite. Or a brothel.
  4.  I will only do this if you don’t critique my spelling or grammar. I suck. I can’t spell, or punctuate. I can’t type. And if Liz Newman were here, she would probably plotz! (I need you girl!)


Ok, that’s it. Love it or leave it! I am going to write how I talk. It is what it is.. and if you know me, you know one thing. I tell it like it is! If you don’t like it, don’t read it.
So, I will ask for topics. Or comments. Or just put stuff out there.. or what’s on your mind. It will be an interactive blog! And my ADHD will just make it all the more fun. I can honestly say, cause y’all know I don’t bullshit…this might just be exactly what I need to get through this divorce. Maybe, just maybe, this “mid-life crisis” crap can be doable if we all do this together? Like do it, with support from each other. Not do each other. You know what I mean. Dammit.
Oh, and for those of you who don’t know me, my name is Jennifer HURVITZ Weintraub. I’m newly separated at 41 years young. And I have two of the most amazing boys on the planet. I’m also lucky enough to have one of the best EX-hubbies around. I think people don’t believe us, that we are friends. Like there has to be a big “story’. But we just hated being married. And I was a shitty wife. And he was a sucky-ass husband. But we did ONE thing right. We were amazing parents. And that is that. We just love our kids. And had enough chutzpah to admit our marriage was over. Done.
Life is not a bowl of cherries. It’s been a rough 12 years. In fact, the past year has been one of the worst ever.  But hey, they say G-d gives you what you can handle. I am obviously one bad-ass mo fo, cause I am still standing. Wavering, but still up. Ok, maybe I dropped a few times. But come on. Gimme a little break?
Cue “Eye Of The Tiger”.. .I feel a mantra coming on. Music. And fade to black. Damn I’m good. ha.
I think I’m gonna dig this blogging thing. ;)