I have it all.

A best selling book.

An award-winning TV pilot.

My kids are happy, and healthy…

And I’m in a great relationship with a kick-ass man.

What more could a girl possibly want?

Shit. Don’t ask. It should be a no-brainer, right? I mean it should be rhetorical. I should want for nothing! But for shits and giggles (and this blog post) let’s just play my little game of twenty-ish questions, shall we? And no, that doesn’t count as one.  

On Thanksgiving Day my True Love gave to me….

Ten bottles of wine.

Stopped nine times.

Eight pounds of stuffing.

Seven things in the oven.

Six trips to Starbucks….

Fiiivvvveee HOUR DRIVE!

Four in our car.

Three bags for Jen.

Two red-headed kids.

All for Thanksgiving at the Healey’s!!!! 

I went in to buy a bracelet.

Or a new necklace.

Maybe a pair of earrings?

Shit, I’m lying..

I went in to get something to wear for a party I have this weekend, ok?

Whatever, I went into the store today to shop; I never expected anything like this to happen.