I wasn’t going to do this.

I really wasn’t.

I thought long and hard about it.

Long and hard…

She said, “Long and hard”.

It’s shit like that, ya know? That got me in trouble in the first place. But I don’t care. I never did, and I never will. Which is why, I am here now…when I clearly said I was done. I just don’t care what people say about me; or think about what I’m doing. I can blog whenever I want. So here I am, writing again. Just to say “hello”.  Well, to say hello…and because I miss the hell out of you. And I miss the feeling of the keys clicking under my fingers. And I miss words flashing across the screen in front of me. And I really, really miss all the attention I was getting. Fuck. Nothing like it, right? Any actors out there? Or artists…or entertainers? It’s that immediate rush you get when you perform for a crowd. That instant “high” you feel when the audience claps, or laughs. Or you get the accolades you think you deserve after you put out a phenomenal piece of choreography. Sigh.

This blog was my fix.

Not going to sugar-coat it, or pretend it wasn’t great for my theatrical-being. It was. But it was more. It was good for my soul. My heart. And my mind. I loved to get emails from people that I helped, or that were in the same place as me. Yada yada…you all know the drill. I miss you. And I miss the way you made me feel. Sure, it wasn’t all good. I had some whackos that were total assholes. And made my living in Charlotte fucking hell. But I took the bad with the GREAT. For every one dickwod, there were 100 amazing fans. And I was lucky to have you. So, here I am..back to say hello. And to fill you in on what’s up in my world! Just in case you were wondering.

Is that obnoxious of me to think that you care?

That I am that important, or my life is that much better than everyone else’s or some shit? Goddess. I hope that’s not what y’all are thinking. I have just received so many heartfelt calls, and messages wondering where I am…that I thought I’d blog to just letcha know; I am ALIVE. I am alive, all y’all! I am still living in Charlotte. I am still happily divorced. And I am still single. Single and looking for Mr.Right. Or Mr.Right Now. Or Mr. RightNowUntilYouGetBustedOnTinder. For fucksake, if you say we are “not seeing other people” take your fucking profile OFF the sites, too. I hate you people with Y-Chromosomes. I just hate you. Except for Justin Beiber. I love him so much I can’t even stand it.

So, I’m still bitching about my love life, or lack thereof. And I’m still kvetching about men and their stupidity. And I still live in Charlotte. haha. For now. But I’m counting down the days until I can move to the West Coast and be famous! Fuck this picket fence thing. There is obviously no Prince Charming with a white horse here for me, so I am packing my bags and heading west! I’m thinking Hollywood, baby! If you haven’t heard already, there’s a rumor going around that I’m making a reality show. Staring yours truly! I love it. Could you just die? The Truth Hurvitz goes Hollywood! It actually has a nice ring to it. But no, I need to squash that crapola right now. There will be no reality show. And no talk show either. Although I think I would bring in quite the audience. More like Jerry Springer than Oprah, but hey…

I am doing big things. I’m doing good things. And fun things. And things that I never even imagined I would be doing. I’ve met amazing and brilliant writers. And interesting people. I’m learning how to write things other than a blog. And I think, maybe…I’m actually good at it. I have a little more confidence in myself than I did 18 months ago; I’m ready to work on new projects. Exciting endeavors. I feel like Mary Tyler Moore at the beginning of her show, when she tosses her hat up in the air! I want to throw out my arms, leaning over the side of the deck of a ship and scream….


Ok, that’s pushing it. I’m so not the king of anyone’s fucking world. And truth be told, I have never even seen The Mary Tyler Moore Show. I have no idea what I’m even talking about. But I am in a good place, all y’all. No, I’m in a great place. So, don’t you worry about me. Thank you for checking. And thank you for wondering. And I hope, no…I know, you will be seeing really amazing things out of me soon. Cross your fingers, and toes. And then cross them again. I’m going to need all the luck I can get. Watch out world, here I come…The Truth Hurvitz is making a change for the better. Just keep reading…


xo j



  • Susan

    Great to see you back at blogging!!!

    • Jennifer Hurvitz Weintraub

      thank you, Susan! :)

  • Susan

    So glad you are back maybe just telling your stories are therapeutic but I laugh and thats the best medicine. Look at the Donny show he says shit I can’t believe and it’s on TV and he really doesnt need it. Good luck keep writing!

  • Jim

    Welcome back beautiful!!! xo