I’m too busy to write.

I can’t do it now.

But I swear, I’ll be back. You just can’t keep me away.

I miss it. I crave it. I need this BLOG.

I have to tell you all about my life. ¬†And write it, and share it…

I’m dying over here!!

Just give me a few more days, to get my shit together. I will be back, and I’ll tell you what’s been happening, all of it. The good, the bad….the horrifically ugly. And I promise, I won’t swear as much. Or use foul, disgusting language that is offensive and vile. Hmm. I will bring it down a few notches, and sprinkle my “pixie-hurvitz-dust” all over the place, so my “angelic” readers can also enjoy, ok?

I will bring the NC-17 rated The Truth Hurvitz down to a PG, and I will tell my stories without vulgarity. I can do it! Who needs to swear, and use obscene body parts to fill space? Not me. Not this girl…

Not Jennifer fucking Hurvitz Weintraub.


Crap. I did it, didn’t I? I used the f-bomb. Well, I will try harder next time. This was just a practice run, for the REAL thing. It’s coming soon…

Give me a few days. I’m moving into my new house after all. I have to pack, and stuff. Ya, birds are leaving the nest. Wait til you hear about this crap. The nesting was good for when it was good. It made sense for as long as it was working, don’t bust my balls. I don’t see you trying it! So please, save your “I told you so’s” for someone else. I don’t need to hear it. Not here, or to my face. Say it behind my back, if you must. The idea of co-habitating might have been for the birds, but it was worth a shot. And I did it selflessly for my kids, for 9 long months. And when you actually hear how it all went down, you will be shocked. Mark and I would have lasted longer, really! It was the kids who were ready to fly. And I’m happy to say, they are good with it all.

So, lots more to tell. Hawaii, and Pita Boy…the move, and the separation. The week at Tamakwa! OMG, I lived in the woods! My new digs. Why I gave up the blog in the first place, and why I’m totally coming back. Y’all ready, cause I sure am. I missed it. And missed writing…and missed all the attention. ha. But I loved the messages, and calls. I loved hearing your stories, and I appreciated all your “please come back” shout outs. So, here I am.

The Truth Hurvitz is back, just a little bit softer. And lighter. And sweeter.

I am on Xanax. I’ve upped my meds, and washed my mouth out with pump soap. And I’m ready to go. Hope you are? ;)

xo j