Hello, 2016!!!


Hi, hi…hi!!! IMG_7579

Omg, hi. Sigh…hi.

Happy New Year, guys!

I actually have tears in my eyes right now, I’m that glad to see you. Well, ya know. See ya. Be here. Feeling the keys under my fingertips. Looking at the letters dancing on the screen in front of me! O-M-G! It’s been too long. And what a month it’s been. But today, is the first day of 2016! A new year, a new time…a new fucking start. Thank Goddess. It’s a new start to what? Jeez. What am I going to start today? So dumb. Like I can’t start it tomorrow, or the next day. Whatever it is I was going to start today? Just because it’s the FIRST day of the new year? I hate this shit. So much pressure. Hmmm. Let me think….

Nothing. I’ve got nothing. I’m going to just start nothing new at all. I was good yesterday, and I’ll be good tomorrow…so I am good today. Happy New Year!! A brand new start to NOTHINGNESS! And everything. I am like doing all kinds of new things. Ya! There. I might not be a new person, or like making a new transformation…but I’m DOING new stuff! Does that count? I’m totally confusing myself. Soooo….I’m not going to try to be nice. I am already nice. I’m not going to try to be a better person, cause I think I am pretty ok. I am not going to work on my inner-self, I hate that crap. Get it? But I am going to try to do new shit. NEW shit in 2016. I am going to read more. And watch CNN. I even got the app! And listen to my kids. Pay attention to them. And actually “jzoop in my ears”. I used to say that to them when they weren’t listening to me. “Jzoop in your ears, guys”. And I would put my hands up to my ears, making this stupid twisting-like motion. Can you picture it?  Anyway, I’m going to actually listen to them when they’re talking. Put down my fucking cell phone, and look into their eyes. I miss them, and the connection we used to have before I got so busy with my own 2015 shit.

So here is my new shit for 2016…

I am going to blog again. But only when I feel like it. And I want to talk about absolutely nothing important. Not about that “asshole prick-of-a-guy” that was actually pissed when I told his drunk ass to get out of my car, and threw Swedish Fish at my head. He’s not worth blogging about. Nope. But I am going to blog about the new film I’m producing. Cause that is fucking cool shit. And I’m going to blog about my pilot that I’m writing! I mean, that’s the shit worth blogging about, right? And my boys. And their good shit. And my new man? He’s good shit? No, no. I’m not blogging about my new man. He might not even know he exists. Hell, I don’t even know if he exists. Single in 2016? Never know. All unimportant shit. I love it!

And I love this blog. And I miss it everyday. And somedays, I don’t miss it at all.  Somedays, I am so glad it’s not around. Ugh.

A love-hate relationship with a blog? 

Now that is good shit! But you know what? It’s all my shit. And I own it.

So, The Truth Hurvitz is back, for now…owning my shit. And dealing with all the bullshit. One blog at a time.

Happy New Year, all y’all! ;)

xo j




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