Barometer level, check.

Cabin pressure, check.

GPS uploaded, check.

Headphones on, check.

Xanax popped, check.

Check, and recheck. That’s a lot of checks…

Zero-one-niner to Tower-Person-Guy, do we have clearance on Runway 5 for lift off? Roger that, Zero-one-niner…you have clearance, Clarence. Skies are looking clear on the horizon…going to be a smooooottthhhh flight! Taxi to the runway Turbo-Man, you are clear for take off! Wow. I am good. Fan-fucking-tastic! I am like such a fast learner, right? My guy would be so proud of me if he saw this. I mean, if he actually read the blog. He would think I am awesome. I’m the greatest co-pilot EVER, in the entire universe of co-pilots! I have got this shit down! In fact, I think I’m ready to fly solo! YES! I mean, how hard can it really be to fly a plane? Yeesh, He did make it look pretty dang easy, though. He really did. I sat there…quietly. Watching him go through the pre-flight check list…thinking, “Fuck, he is hot as all get out”. It’s so true what they say! Pilots are sexy.  I just sat there, watching him do his thing. He was wearing the headphones. And he was talking to the tower-guy, in that pilot-talk. And he was pushing all the gadgets and buttons. I so wanted to jump him.

But I was scared shitless.

I was so scared I couldn’t even breathe. Or move. I had on the headphones, too. Clearly not as sexy-looking as him, but I was wearing them. He made me put the little microphone piece really, really close up to my mouth, and my gloss got all over it. Which I’m sure he will be pissed about later. But I wanted my lips to look good! And who knew I was going to be licking the mouthpiece of a Pilot headset! If he would’ve pre-warned me about french kissing the DJ equipment, maybe I would have glossed accordingly. Jesus. So not my bad. And I was sporting my Aviators, not on purpose…but because that’s what I was wearing. I looked like Kelly McGillis from Top Gun sans the flight jacket and the killer rack. “Talk to me Goose!” I loved that movie. Goose. I’m tearing up thinking about him. When he died, sad. Poor Mav was never the same, right?

Right, so I texted my Mom and sister before we took off, just in case I died. I know, I know…morbid. But you know me, I’m a fucking crazy person. Look, five years ago, I never would have thought about getting in a plane like this. NEVER. But last year I got on the back of a fucking Ducati, who woulda thunk it? I’m a work in progress, y’all! It’s all about growing. And I am growing. I am. So what if I texted my Mom, and my sis…and my kids. Ok, I also texted Mark, and made him check the will. Come on! It’s a 4-seater! Now listen to me, it’s not that I didn’t trust my man. I did. I do. But crazy shit can happen. So, I tightened my seatbelt…which always makes me laugh, btw. Like that fucking piece of nothingness across my lap is going to do shit when we nosedive for the ground below? Hell, if we are going down, I’m unbuckling my fat ass, and jumping out. I wanna be in one piece when I splat onto the pavement.


But then, when we got our clearance to take off…I looked over at him, and felt completely calm. I knew, he would never put me in a situation he couldn’t handle. I mean, he’s a pilot! And this is his plane. I felt safe. The plane lifted off…we headed into the sky, and all was right in the world. I wasn’t scared at all. I trusted him. I knew I was in good hands. We took a spin around Charlotte, and it was a totally new perspective on a place I thought I knew so well. After we landed safely…and I could breathe again…I asked if I could write about the flight. After all, it was the most incredible experience for me; something totally worth blogging about. He was worth blogging about. We had discussed so many times about me not sharing “us” with my readers. But I asked him to trust me. Kinda like I had trusted him, up in the sky.

And I told him, that he was in good hands.

And that he could feel safe….

And he agreed.

He trusted me.

So, while I will be blogging about some of our experiences…and stuff we might do, I still won’t be “naming” him. Or talking about our personal lives, or posting pictures of us all over Facebook. But I really want to! I want to post pictures ALL OVER THE PLACE! I mean, he’s awesome! And it’s always fun to show-off your happy times, too. Not only the bad ones. But I get it, I understand that the “social media shit” is just not his thing. But he understands that I love to blog, and that same “social media shit” is a part of who I am. And putting a lid on a boiling pot is well…a disaster waiting to happen. And trust is a huge part of any relationship. Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve trusted anyone. But hey, can’t be jaded forever! Cause if I was, I’d still be flying solo…and miss out on a really great guy.

Flying solo, get it? Damn, I’m good.

Here’s what I trust…he’s gonna read this, breathe a huge sigh of relief…and then hope I don’t blog for another 2 weeks. Lol. Now, Ladies and Gentlemen, your attention please! There are two exits on both sides of your aircraft…haha. Who wants to play pilot and flight attendant? I do, I do! Baby! Get out the headset, I’ll grab the oxygen mask! ;) 

xo j 






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