images-8I write what I’m feeling.

What’s in my head.

At the exact time I’m thinking it…ok?

It’s called “free-flow”.

It actually has a name. Did you know that?

I had no idea. What’s my point? Well, I wrote this other blog last night. And it was great. Ok, maybe not great, but it was good. I loved the topic, all about body image. And feeling fat, and being fat. And my fat-ass. Whatever. I will publish it one day soon, maybe even tomorrow. But as I was free-flowing, I started talking to this guy on Twitter. He showed up in my direct message box, thanking me for following his “follow”.  I have no idea what that means, but as long as everyone is happy. He is this writer. This funny, witty…charismatic writer. And I just couldn’t stop chatting with him. So, as I kept tweeting with Mr. Twitter, my blog went to shit. Hmmm. And what was it about this mystery-man that kept me so interested? I didn’t even know him. I had no idea where he was from, or if he was a good person. Nor did I care. I was just drawn to him. Weird, right? So, weird. Intriguing. It’s the excitement that I was missing, being home for the last 5 days with my sick kids. And I was bored. We had things in common. That’s all. Why am I making excuses? Should I feel guilty? Hell no. I can have friends. I can talk to men. Jesus.

But then, I happened to mention my “serious boyfriend” to Mr. Twitter, which I thought was no big deal. I wasn’t doing anything wrong. We were just chatting. And he freaked! He was all offended. He said I was “leading him on”. Ummm, are you kidding? How the fuck was I leading you on, Mr. Twitter?  I didn’t even know you. We were “talking” for all of 10 minutes. What a crock of shit. I didn’t flirt. I didn’t give him any reason to get his balls in a twist. I actually think Mr. T was just pissed that I wasn’t single! Like he was wasting his time. Asshole. Why can’t men and women just be friends anymore. What happened to people of the opposite sex having a normal conversation without worrying about who wants to fuck who? Ugh. It’s like When Harry Met Sally, “Men and women just can’t be friends because the sex part always gets in the way.” And it really does. I think emotions always end up screwing it all up. Dammit. And I was truly enjoying our conversation. Until he got all crabby about my serious boyfriend. And I’m not saying that everyone is on FB, or Twitter… is looking for people to chat with, flirt with…be with. I’m just saying, I’m hearing about it so much more with all this social media crap, don’tcha think?

Well, I think. And I’ll continue to think out loud, if you don’t mind. Like, seriously, how many relationships… or affairs are actually started via social media. Now, I’m not talking about, or JDate. Or the fishy site. Those are intentional. You sign up for that torture. It’s self-inflicted pain and suffering. Please. I’m talking about the “accidental bumps”. Yup. The “Oops I was just passing by on FB, and happened to notice we have mutual friends.” Or, “I thought I would reach out to you. How are you doing these days?” THAT kinda thing. Or when you just accidentally “like”a girl’s picture that you saw at Harris Teeter. Come on, this shit makes it so much easier to get in touch with an ex, or rekindle with a person you liked way back when. Easy. Too damn easy. Facebook just makes flirting too dang easy.

And life is hard. It’s stressful. And your husband is annoying. Omg. He is never home. He pays like no attention to you. He never says you’re pretty. Or tells you how important you are, or smart. Or that you are doing a great job being a mom. No. He is too busy, too damn busy. Life is just so hard. And money is tight. You fight all the time, and you never have sex. What’s sex? He isn’t even in the bed, most of the time…he falls asleep on the couch. Watching Sports Center. And you are upstairs, on Facebook. Chatting. I mean, it’s only chatting. Who cares? And it feels good, and you are getting attention. And your Ego loves it. It’s too damn easy. It’s also the easy way out. Get off the computer. And find your way back to what’s important. Each other. Before it’s too late…

I’ve decided Facebook is the Devil. It is a slippery slope, and it can only lead to trouble. Married, single…friends, whatever…everyone get off those fucking screen thingys, and love the one you’re with! Look at your partner, remember…the person you MARRIED? The boy you are dating. The woman you fell in love with? And talk to her. Make eye contact with him. Hold his hand. Love him up. Tell her she is beautiful, and smart…and she turns you on. Fuck, if you don’t tell her…someone else will. Trust me. Girls, grab your man…and boost his ego. Tell him he is important, that he is the only one for you. If you don’t, some bitch on the internet will. And it won’t be pretty. It will be over. And then, your life will be hard.

I say what I feel. What’s in my head…and in my heart. I don’t hold back. Its called free-flow. Or in my world, its  called the truth.  Sorry Mark Zuckerberg, this shit is all your fault. ;)

xo j

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  • Kevin

    as I sit in the FLL airport missing my 5:21 flight then 7:30 flight to Charlotte. Now spending the night in the airport catching the 8:10am flight. I read your blog and my life was splashed on your “free flow” blog. #truth!

    • Jennifer Hurvitz Weintraub

      Kevin! I’m so glad I could help keep you busy!