The Donald?

The first WOMAN candidate.

Ya know what I think?


Fuck. I’m a mess. Well, we all know that…but this whole election thing has made me well, slightly more messy. I’m downright confused. A bit torn up, and totally nauseous. Dumbfounded. I want to scream at the top of my lungs, “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING AMERICA?” But I just sit here, with these two choices for our next President…The Devil and the SheDevil. How can this really be happening? How in a country of 350 MILLION people did it all come down to these two fucking dipshits? Oh, ya. Need I remind you, we live in the U.S of A. And I have my First Amendment rights. Article 19 that is…Freedom of Speech, and this is MY BLOG and I can say whatever the fuck I want. The Donald is crazy as a loon, and Hills is a liar. How is this happening? I’m scared. I’m worried…and I am educated. Can you even imagine what’s going on with those who aren’t? The huge portion of Americans who have NO idea what a Democrat is? Or a swing vote? Or the Supreme Court? Or how about those people that don’t even read a newspaper, or watch a CNN report? Well, that was me in college. Embarrassed to admit it, but I had better things to do. Like drink, and listen to the Grateful Dead with my boyfriend. Or go to Frat parties. What? I mean, other people could vote, right? Not my problem.

Yikes. Scary, huh?

But now, I am a single, Jewish, divorced mother of two young boys…and I am struggling with voting for a sexist, bigot who is volatile and obnoxious, or the first woman president who has a track record of lying, and ethics issues who is so ultra left she wants to embrace European socialism. These are my choices for our next President? I am worried, not only for me…but for my children. And our country. It is my problem, it’s all of our problem. It’s a disaster. A gigantic cluster fuck.

But how am I supposed to make a choice?

The best of the worst?

Close my eyes and point?

Omg. I’m literally sick to my stomach. The Donald, that I used to watch on a TV show and cringe at how disgustingly he treated his guests. How nasty and mean he was to people. His crude behavior. I can’t believe this man says the things he says about women…and minorities. He talks about Jews, and makes anti-Semitic comments. He has “chants” “JEW-S-A” ! (Washington Post)  He mocks reporters with disabilities. He is unkind. Plain and simple. And yes, sure… this is my opinion. But who can argue with it? Wouldn’t you agree? He is just a dick. He is vulgar, and nasty. Oh, but I love the people that say, “Who wants a pansy running our country?” No, I don’t want a pussy in control of anything. Of course not. But I DO want a compassionate human being as our leader. Setting a good example for our children. This man is a pig.

I’d rather vote for Big Bird.

And Hillary. The lies. And more lies…and all her ethical issues. The money she says went to charities…then showed up in her “Clinton Foundation”. I guess I have less to say about her. Everyone lies. Everyone hides their mistakes, their past. Shit the guy I went out with last night lied straight to my face. He told me he was from Charlotte, then at dinner told me he actually lived in Burlington, NC. Ha. Lies, lies and more lies. But here’s the difference. The guy I went out with last night isn’t on the BALLOT for the President of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA all y’all! And if he was, he should be held to a higher standard. If Hills is lying about emails, and “campaign money” what else is she hiding? It’s about being honest, and real. And being a good human being. If you are running for President, tell us the TRUTH. We deserve it…we are the people, for the people. Or some shit like that.

I was never into politics. I hated my government class in high school. In fact, I had a blind teacher. And we used to change our grades…cause the aid in the class was my friend. LOL! And the teacher couldn’t see anyway. I know, I know. I’m totally going to hell. But am I running for Prez? No. But maybe I should be. I swear, I’d probably do a better job than those two crazies we have to choose from! YES! I can see it now. THE TRUTH HURVITZ FOR PRESIDENT! Is it too late? Do you think I could get a campaign together by Tuesday? Wait, I think I inhaled. And I have a little bit of drama in my past that surely can’t resurface…and of course… this blog might be an issue. Dammit! I’m sorry, y’all. I just can’t do it. You’re stuck with The Devil, and the SheDevil. Happy voting, and remember…

Election Day is Tuesday, November the 8th. Choose carefully, and Godspeed. I am sure as the day is long, our country in in the shitter no matter who wins this thing…but it’s important to vote. It’s our right. And it’s also my right to jot down “BIG BIRD” on the ballot. He might do a far better job in the White House than either of the current coo-coo birds. Cue election music please! Are you feeling a little Pomp and Circumstance? I just love that litte diddy. ;)

xo j

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