I am flattered.

And a little embarrassed.

But totally think it’s so nice to be asked…

So, I’m going to do it!

I have no idea what I’m doing but…


I am going back to Detroit, my home town…to do a little “meet and greet”! A kinda Truth Hurvitz Talk, so to speak…a mingle with the Mommies. A chit-chat about all things men, and love…and life after 40! And you will get swag bags, and sip a few Martinis! SO fucking fun! And I sent out all these Facebook invites to like a bazillion peeps that live in the Detroit area, and I hope some even come! I mean, it will probably be me, and my sister. Oh, and my Mom. And my bff, Jodi. And all my Sister’s friends. How fucking embarrassing is that? But whatever, I’m totally into it, and I’m flying home…

And I think I’m the dang coolest thing since sliced bread. I might even get my hair blown out, and my make up done. Hell yes, I’m calling Todd’s Room. Or Katrina at Luigi’s Place. I’ll need a new outfit, and a driver. My lines, my lines…I only want white towels in my dressing room! And only fizzy water. I am so clearly close to stardom I can smell it! Oh, no. Hold the phone. That’s not stardom, that’s the bullshit I’m floating in…no sinking in. Down, down…down. Plop. A girl can dream. But if you really know me, I’m not that girl.

The story goes like this…

So I get this phone call from Susan at Event Bliss http://eventbliss.webs.com in Franklin, Michigan. And she is sweet, and kind. And asks me if I will come to her AMAZING store! Can you even believe it? Well, I can’t. And really, what on Goddess’s green Earth could I possibly have to say that anyone would want to hear? Yeesh. But when Susan said she loved my blog,  I was so flattered. And touched. I actually shrieked! And well, to be honest..I was also kinda curious as to why she thought I would have anything worth talking about. We chatted for a while, and she was so funny! She told me how women (and men) live kinda vicariously through my blog, and read it all the time. Thanks, girl! And then she said, that I had this great way of saying things that everyone else is thinking, but just couldn’t ever say. Hmmmm. Is that a good thing? Not really sure, but I’ll take it!

So, she asked me to come and talk about…well, how I started doing all this blogging!  And tell my story, and talk about my co-parenting…and life after divorce. But not just life after divorce, but life after 40! And getting your sexy back! And being able to be happy. Happily Ever After, Divorce. Which is kinda where I am right now. And hope to be for a long, long time. And I hope to be entertaining, and engaging. And fun. And funny. And well, I hope to make you smile. Oh, and I promise not to swear.

I will not say fuck, or shit.

It’s not polite when giving a “talk” to use fowl language. Or is it foul. Fowl is chicken. And I’m bringing a little present! It’s a bribe, to get you to come see me…haha. Terry and Suzy are so going to kill me. I hope Event Bliss http://eventbliss.webs.com has a lot of parking. My sister has a ton of friends. And I really hope Suzy got some wine. And snacks. I love a good cheese ball. I promise, I’ll supply the “hot topics” if all y’all just laugh at my dumb jokes. Deal? ;)

xo j