The Truth

I went in to buy a bracelet.

Or a new necklace.

Maybe a pair of earrings?

Shit, I’m lying..

I went in to get something to wear for a party I have this weekend, ok?

Whatever, I went into the store today to shop; I never expected anything like this to happen.

So, hi.

Remember me?

The girl with the blog.

Me! The one that used to annoy you, ranting…and swearing and shit!

Well, I’m back.

And I have to say I’ve missed you. Truly, I have. I’ve been so busy, I’m sorry! Don’t be mad….just accept me back into your life. Don’t punish me like a toddler that misses his Mommy when she goes on a vacation! Ya know, when you got back from a weekend away with your hubby, and the kid would ignore you for an hour? Be all bitchy and bratty. Treat you like shit. Piss on the floor. Oh, sorry, that’s the dog.

Ya well, here I am.


Ok, I’ll stop yelling.

I’m just so excited!

Where do I start?

I feel like I need to make a list so I won’t forget anything. Yes! A list.

  1. I’m back with #13.
  2. I got a book deal.
  3. I went to Campowerment.
  4. I got contacts and glasses.
  5. I will be 45 next week.