The Truth

I don’t ask much.

I really don’t.

In fact, I have a really tough time asking for help.

Or reaching out to my friends.

I mean, in the nine years I’ve lived in Charlotte my kids have been in other people’s cars probably a total of 10 times. I mean in a “carpool” type of situation. I don’t ever want to bother anyone or put them out. I feel like I can do it. Really. Why should someone else schlep my kid’s around town when I am perfectly capable able of doing it myself? When I’m in a jam, I ask Mark. He’s always my go-to.

My EX is my emergency contact. 


Ok, I’ll stop yelling.

I’m just so excited!

Where do I start?

I feel like I need to make a list so I won’t forget anything. Yes! A list.

  1. I’m back with #13.
  2. I got a book deal.
  3. I went to Campowerment.
  4. I got contacts and glasses.
  5. I will be 45 next week.


I wish I hated him.

Or he did something shitty.

Or he was mean.

I wish he cheated on me…

Or said hurtful words, was disrespectful or unkind. Then maybe this breakup would make sense. Maybe it would be less painful. I’d be able to eat and sleep. I’d stop crying. Ya. Maybe if he was a horrible human being, this break up would be a piece of cake.

I’m sorry Y’all…

I’ve just been so busy!One Happy Divorce

I’m publishing my first book!

One Happy Divorce – Hold the Bullshit!” 

Finally, it’s really happening. My very first book. It is real, I did it. Well, I’m doing it. I have the most incredible group of women working in my corner…they are sharp, and smart. All helping me get it done. It’s going to be dropping soon and I’m excited. Excited, and scared. Nervous! But above all else, I am proud.

I am proud of me.