It’s raining.

And Sunday.

The sky is gray and sad.

I am sad, too.

And feeling pretty shitty.

Sundays usually don’t suck around here. But today, this particular Sunday…sucks shit. See, when you’re divorced and have kids you do the “kid-switch” thing. And some of us do a 2-2-5 schedule. Like, two days me, two days you, then five days, me again. And you alternate weekends as such. Omg, I have NO idea how that works, and honestly, I don’t think I even explained that right. I’m confused writing it, so you can imagine how a kid would be completely fucked up doing it. But it works for lots of y’all. No judgment here. Others, like us, do the week-on, week-off thing. It’s easy and pretty self-explanatory. I have the kids one full week, and Mark has them the next.

It is the co-parenting plan for dummies.

I mean, if I can do it, anyone can. 

On Thanksgiving Day my True Love gave to me….

Ten bottles of wine.

Stopped nine times.

Eight pounds of stuffing.

Seven things in the oven.

Six trips to Starbucks….

Fiiivvvveee HOUR DRIVE!

Four in our car.

Three bags for Jen.

Two red-headed kids.

All for Thanksgiving at the Healey’s!!!! 


back to school It’s rainy.

And gloomy…

Pretty gross out today.

Perfect for driving.

NOT. So, of course…I’m only that much more freaked out as I watch Jonah drive away in the Prius with the STUDENT DRIVER sign on the top. Oh fuck. Not only do I officially have a kid old enough to be driving, in two weeks he’s starting high school. I can’t stop crying. In fact, I haven’t stopped crying for days.

I’m filled with so many emotions.

But why?

Is it because Jonah is growing up so fast, or that I am? 

IMG_2570I was bullied.

Not gonna lie.

In fact, I was sexually assaulted.


I was teased, too. And emotionally abused by my sorority sisters…and I’m pretty fucking sure I was date raped. After all, “No means no”, right? Well, it was supposed to. And that was all in my Freshman year at MSU. So, as I watched the Netflix Mini-Series 13 Reasons Why, I was overwhelmed with emotions. The same exact ones I remember having back in college, when I heard that I was video-taped by a frat guy without my consent. Oh, gets better…he showed it to his entire Fall Pledge Class. Ya, welcome to Bullying 101. Or is that Sexual harassment 200? Who cares. My life was changed forever. A little piece of my soul, taken from me…without my consent.

But I survived.