I must be crazy.

Or he must me crazy.

Shit, maybe we are both nuts.

Or maybe…just maybe, I believe in fate.

Or taking chances.

Ya know, like at first sight?

I have never blogged before a date. I’ve always waited. Talked about the guy after we’ve met, or went out. Then I name him. If he is even “name worthy”. Well, I am going across the country tomorrow to meet a fella. Ya, you heard me. And I wasn’t going to tell anyone. I was going to keep it hush-hush, but I can’t. I am too excited. And as my girl, Tammy always says, “Jen, you are just the kinda person that likes to tell the world when she’s happy.” Or something like that. And she’s right. I like to share it all. The good, the bad…and the really bad.

That my friends, is why I have this blog. And you don’t.

So, I met this boy. NO, I didn’t meet him, yet. And he is so not a boy. He’s a man. A grown up man. I don’t have to cut up his food, or wipe his ass. He’s over the drinking age. And he’s not from a dating site, or a bar…and I didn’t find him on the street. A dear, close friend of mine fixed us up. OMG! Could you die? I am dying. Craziest thing, he lives in San Fran, and I live in Charlotte. Like the two ends of the fucking world. The farthest two places you could ever possibly be, that’s where we are..haha. But my girl, Aimee, and his best friend are friends, are you following this? They were all at a party in DC, she texted me…and said he was the “one”.  So, who was I to say no?

But I said, no. At first, I said no. And so did he. We both said no.

I had just got back from that shitty date in NYC with that prick-of-a-guy that told me he wanted “Blog Jen”, remember? So, I told Aimee I was out. And hottie-guy also said, no. He wasn’t dating in a girl that lived in Charlotte. Duh. Then, Aimee’s daughter, Jenna stepped in..and that was that. Who would ever say no to the coolest 14-year old in Virginia? Go Jenna! Thanks, girls. Y’all had quite the pitch! If this thing works out, I owe you lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. Jesus. How good does that sound right now? I could literally eat my arm I’m so hungry. This guy better appreciate the starvation I’ve endured for this occasion.

Oh, the occasion. Did I mention I’m going to San Fran tomorrow?

I have a date. A date, a date…a DATE!

Kinda, sorta. I am in like. And I don’t care what you think. You big haters! You are all just jelly. I am flying to San Fran tomorrow, and I get to play with my good friend from Tamakwa for the weekend. And see her new baby, and love her up. And smell her, (the baby, not my friend) and try and steal her. And then, on Sunday…I am meeting this hottie. I’m not saying anything else about him. But I will tell you this, I am fucking freaking out. I’m nervous. And I am never nervous. Nothing makes me nervous. I have nerves of steel. I can walk into a room of a thousand peeps, and own it. But his guy makes me weak in the knees. And shut up, with the “you’ve never even met him” bullshit. We have talked more in the past month than I have talked to Mark in my whole marriage.

I can’t really stand it. I want to see his face. And just be in front of him. I mean, what’s the worst thing that happens? Think positive, please. I have a great trip, and get to see San Francisco! I’ve never been there, and I’ve only heard the best things. Look, life is short. I have nothing to do this weekend. I’m going to be without the boys…so why not? And he makes me laugh. And laughing is good for you! I haven’t stopped smiling since we started talking.

So, I’ve packed my bags like twenty times. And I know every sales person at Nordstrom. I have overnighted shoes, and lip-gloss. I got a Brazilian…just in case! Just in case, you guys. A girl has to be prepared for everything. Nails, done. Toes, done. I am good to go. I think, I am good to go. Wish me luck! And safe travels.

Oh, and leave me alone will ya? A girl could use a little privacy!  ;)

xo j


  • Jim

    Hello beautiful! Sending positive vibrations your way! Good luck and good selling!