Do you think my posts are too lengthy?

Like, too wordy?

Fuck, I say too much.

I’m long-winded. I go on, and on…

I perseverate. What a great word. Perseverate.

Isn’t it like the best word ever? I use it all the time in my house. Having a kid with Aspergers, we tend to do it a whole lot. You know..go on and on….and on about a single topic, or a subject. Obsess over it. Harp on it. Perseverate. Ya. Like it used to be animals. Fuck he loved animals. Then it was just penguins. He would tell me anything and everything there was to know about penguins. And now, it’s gotten much better…we are sports freaks. Jonah’s world has turned in to Sports Center, and we are all just living in it. I wake up, and get the stats. Before I pour his cereal, it’s a stat. When I drive to school, it’s a stat. Holy shit, ask me. Go ahead. I know it all. Every player, every team. Every God forsaken number, or score of which game…or who played for what team when. OMG. I’m in ESPN HELL. But, I love him. There is no other Jonah. And one day, he will famous. I am sure of it. No one in the world knows sports like my J. I call him, JSPN. (Jonah Sam Sports Network) And I say it with love.

So…it only makes sense that for his Bar Mitzvah I would chose basketball as his theme. Oh. Wait. Do all y’all know what a BAR MITZVAH is? Shush, up you Jews! I need to fill my non-Jewish readers in! I’ll give it to you short and sweet all y’all. And I hope you already know. But just in case…It’s when a Jewish boy or girl, comes of age. Becomes a man, or a woman. And that magical age is 13. It’s really quite an amazing day in the lives of Jewish families. I mean our kids have been preparing for this day since birth. Ok, maybe not that long, but close enough. The studying Torah, the Hebrew school…all of it. And listen, it ain’t easy. Jonah wants to kick my ass. He has to go to Temple every weekend from now until his Bar Mitzvah! He has tutoring twice a week. And misses out on lots of other kid-stuff. OMG. He is like ready to plotz! And the service that Jonah will lead is unbelievable, and he actually reads from the Torah. He will be chanting (singing) in Hebrew. Oy Vey. In front of all his peers, and family. It’s a big damn deal.

Ok, so…after all this hard work, and perseverance…what do you think we do?

We THROW A FUCKING PARTY!!! Whoop whoop! And no one knows how to throw a party like a Jewish girl from the D! HOLLA! Now, some of you might argue that no thirteen-year old child needs a party like the ones we Jews like to throw. Ya, whatever. I get it. Its like a wedding. There is a DJ. There is dancing. There is an abundance of food, and a theme. And usually..the bigger, the better. But hey, it is what it is! And if you think I’m obnoxious, don’t come. Stay home. When you get my KICK ASS invitation in the mail, please, by all means…RSVP NO! Your loss! My kid, who just spent the last 8 years of his life studying Torah is having a party. He will have dancers, and flashing lights…and it’s going to be INSANE!! I mean, after all, do you know who is mother is? I told him that me and his Auntie Julie were working on a cheer to perform at the party. Ya know, to go with the “theme”. You should have seen his face. His reaction was priceless. Then he said, if we even thought about it, he would “tackle us to the ground”. Yeesh. Guess that’s out. ha.

But you wanna know the funniest? When I talk to him about the big day, he doesn’t really care. I tell him all the fantastic things we are going to have, and do. I have hired the best event planners. The best creative team. I have the best caterer, photographer, and video crew. The best DJ in town. We have like 2000 kids, and even Hugo the fucking Hornet! I mean, come on Jonah…can you give me something here!!?? I have Hugo the FUCKING HORNET!! But no. Nothing. He just says, “Cool.” Cool. The kid says, cool. The party is in 4 months. I am sweating bullets over here, working on every last detail to make him the event of the century! THE BIGGEST BASKETBALL BLOWOUT, BABY!

But do you want to know the truth?

It’s not about me. It’s not what I want. This is not MY party. It is Jonah’s party. This is HIS Bar Mitzvah, and he has done all the hard work…ugh. Maybe, he doesn’t want 250 people. Or Hugo the Hornet. Or the best DJ in town. Or a Basketball theme. Shit. I need to check myself. And being in the entertainment industry for 15 years, I should know better. I’m ashamed of my behavior. I have MC’d a million Mitzvah’s, and I promised myself I would never do this! But here I am…all caught up in the hoopla. But it’s just so easy, when you want to give your kid the best night of his life. It’s hard to focus on what is really important. Not the big-ass party, but the service…and the religious part, the actual Bar Mitzvah.

Yup. I guess I should bring it down a notch. Pull it in. Take back the dress I ordered 3 years ago. Yes, that’s right. I bought a dress 3 years ago. Now, before this gets “too lengthy” I must wrap it up. But before I go, I just want to say… Hugo the Hornet stays.  ;)

xo j

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  • Randy

    Love your blog post…I can definitely feel your enthusiasm and truth….and your love for your son. Enjoy the hoopla, service and YES the party!