The Truth About Jen


IMG_0084Welcome to The Truth Hurvitz!

Jennifer Hurvitz Weintraub was born and raised (ever-so-proudly) in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. She attended Michigan State University, where she received her BS in Family and Child Ecology and Adolescent Development. Go Green! After college, Jen worked as a DJ for one of the largest entertainment companies in the Metro Detroit area. After giving up her AWESOME career…she got married to the greatest guy around, and popped out two amazing BOYS! Kind of just followed the plan! Isn’t that what all nice, Jewish girls are supposed to do? Ugh!

So…not-so-happily married, but totally obsessed with being a Momma…she followed her banker-hubby down to Charlotte, North Carolina. Now stuck with no family, and not much of a support system, Jen suddenly found herself single! Newly separated, Jen decided to start writing a blog to vent about all her goings-on as a single, divorced Mom. Six months later, she was “found” by an agency out in LA and started busting out a pilot for a sitcom! Whew! How’s that for crazy?

And now, here we are at The Truth Hurvitz which has really made her life quite interesting in Charlotte. Can you even imagine how hard it is to date while writing a blog like this? But Jen is real. She’s a truth-teller, and she won’t hold back. Take it, or leave it…and most of her readers take it. And keep coming back for more. Sassy and witty…heartfelt, and relatable, Jen shares her stories about all things divorce, and dating. Adored by many, for her honesty and candor…Jen’s biggest fans are her sons, Jonah and Zac. And she gets a kick out of helping them write “real” stuff in middle school english class! You can usually find Jen curled up on her couch in her UGGS and sweats, watching Big Ten football, cheering for MSU…with a nice glass of Sauvignon Blanc. Happily Divorced, of course!

Ten Truths about Jen:

  1. I won’t eat green food. I hate anything green. Including lime Jello, green Jolly Ranchers. Or veggies. Or Kiwi. Or green Skittles.
  2. I can sing, dance and act…but I was never GREAT at any of them. Teaching dance, that is my passion.
  3. My drink is a vodka tonic with 2 limes. (I don’t actually EAT the limes, they go IN the drink.)
  4. I love sex.
  5. I’m the oldest of 4 kids. Girl, girl, boy, boy. And no one ever remembers I have a little-little brother.
  6. I still resent my ex husband for moving me to Charlotte.
  7. I want to give up every single day, but then I look at my boys. And I won’t. I can’t…
  8. I love nice things, like shoes. And products. And Chan Luu bracelets…and I love expensive sheets.
  9. I want to be happy.
  10. I am nothing like “Blog Jen”. Nothing at all…