I don’t ask much.

I really don’t.

In fact, I have a really tough time asking for help.

Or reaching out to my friends.

I mean, in the nine years I’ve lived in Charlotte my kids have been in other people’s cars probably a total of 10 times. I mean in a “carpool” type of situation. I don’t ever want to bother anyone or put them out. I feel like I can do it. Really. Why should someone else schlep my kid’s around town when I am perfectly capable able of doing it myself? When I’m in a jam, I ask Mark. He’s always my go-to.

My EX is my emergency contact. 


He is. My ex is the one that goes in all those spaces on camp forms, school forms…medical release forms. All of them. He is my emergency contact not only for the boys but for ME as well! Strange, I know. You would think in nine years living here in Charlotte, I would have found a person that I trust enough to pick up my kid’s in an emergency, right? Like if I was to get in a car crash on the way to grab the boys at school, and Mark was in San Fran on business you would think that I would have ONE person that could go and get them….take them home, and stay with them until I came out of my coma. Or at least until Mark was able to get home from his trip. Whichever came first. I kid. Kinda.

But I don’t.

Well, I mean, maybe I do. I’m just being an asshole. I’m sure I have friends that would totally help if I asked them! Sure! But I don’t want to put them out. It’s a big deal to be someone’s “emergency contact”. Yeesh.

So, I’d just rather leave it to Mark, or leave the space blank.

In case of emergency …(shit out of luck because your mom was too big a pussy to just ASK for help). Ya. Well, I have learned if you want something from people you just have to ASK for it. So, here we are, and I’m going to be asking for a favor in a few minutes. So, get ready. It is taking a whole lot of chutzpah for me to do this, so I hope y’all will not think less of me. Just know it must be UBER important if I’m actually asking, ok? I’m completely swallowing my pride, and going against everything I believe in but…

I need a favor.

In the next few days, my book is going to be going up on Amazon. I KNOW IT’S SO EXCITING! Here’s where Y’all come in! I NEED REVIEWS! I need as many positive-5-star reviews as I can possibly get so I am launched into the Amazon Best Seller world! Even if you don’t feel compelled to buy it, or read it (even though it’s funny and you will like it!) your review is just as important! If you feel like you need to read it first and then review it…great! But you can base your initial review on the author. For example, “I have read previous work by JHW and love her! Excited to get into this one!” (You’ve of course read my blog or articles on national websites!) Then go read it, cause it’s super quick and an easy read…then go back and write another review! Hooooray! Just trying to help here, y’all. Ha.

I will also make it as easy as I can by posting the Amazon link right on my The Truth Hurvitz Facebook wall. Look, I got no shame in my game, peeps. I have worked too hard, for too long to let this shit go south before I even get a shot! The reality is simple:


Who’s in?

I appreciate this more than you know; Thank you in advance for all your help and support. Catch me on Charlotte Today, October 30th at 10 am. And on Good Morning Charlotte November 13th! Such fun stuff coming up….One Happy Divorce-Hold the Bulls#!t will be out November 8th! REVIEW, REVIEW AND REVIEW! Who loves ya? ;)

xo j