I’m still in my pajamas.

And I’m not like, tired-tired. It’s like, fucking exhaustion. It’s the tired that makes you cry kinda tired. It’s that kind of tired. I am so tired I fell asleep in the chair while I was waiting for my boys to get their haircut yesterday. I.Fell.Asleep. No, I wasn’t getting my haircut, that happens a lot. People fall asleep when they’re under that dryer-thingy or when the girl is massaging your head at the sink…no, that’s not what I’m saying. I fell asleep sitting up in the waiting area, in front of the entire salon. Head bobbing, chin drops…boom.

My kid even snapped a picture of me and later threatened to post it on SnapChat when I wouldn’t let him stay up to play the X-box. #fucker

Let’s just say I have experience.

Lots of experience.

I know men.

I know dating.

I know lots about dating men.

The Dating Doctor is open for business, Y’all. And I’m here to help women (and men) do DATING after divorce, well…right. I mean to do it the right way. The correct way…to find a partner that is solid. Not some loon that says he’s the VP of Target and ends up being a fucking stock boy. Right. Cause lord knows I did it wrong. Over and over. And over. And ummm…over.

So who better to be a divorce/dating coach than I? Than me?

Than Hurvitz. 

I have a successful blog.

I wrote a best-selling novel.

I even have an award-winning screenplay.

Why not a Podcast?

What the hell is a PODCAST?

Ha. That is another blog. And shit, if it were only that easy, Y’all. We all would do it! Writing books, selling TV pilots to networks…making connections. Hustling. And for the record, none of it was easy. Not one thing I’ve ever written has ever been “easy” or come easily…even if I made it seem that way. I guess I don’t like to show the world my struggle. Maybe, I think being a big baby isn’t becoming. Or whining about my life is stupid when there are people with real issues to whine about. Struggles that are meant to be talked about…

As if getting my face licked in the Dean and Deluca parking lot wasn’t enough, how about this one? Ahhh…thanks for the memories. I wonder how many other people have dating disasters that took place over at the D&D Wine Bar? Well, I could honestly go on for hours…I remember this one like it was yesterday.

Pucker up, yall.